Marie Curie

A Power point presentation prepared by Jeremy Abela 1 Coral

Marie Curie

Robert Bunsen

A Power point presentation by Jessica  Cardona 1 Coral

Robert Bunsen power point

Chemistry Form 3 Summer Work

Form 3 Summer work

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Summer Revision Worksheet


Ms. Barbara

Chemistry Form 4 Summer Work

Form 4 Summer Work

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Form 4 SEC summer homework



Ms. Barbara

Chemistry In Sports

‘Chemistry in Sports’ is a short video, which briefly explains the exciting world of Chemistry- in sports. In this approximately 5 minute long video, five students take their views on a humorous yet chemical journey in different fields of sports. From food, bicyles to clothing, this video gives a small glimpse of the fascinating association between sports and Chemistry.

This project was compiled by Martina Brincat, Naomi Delia, Rebecca Ferrante, Yasmine Zammit and Deborah Calleja from St. Margaret’s Girls Secondary School, Zejtun. ‘Chemisty in Sports’ was produced as part of the School lab contest. School-lab inspires students to learn more about science, to talk more about science, and make their school science experiences creative and fun.

To view the video click on the following link