The Elephant Toothpaste Experiment

Click on the following link to view a video done by Alessandro Parella Form 1 Coral on the elephant toothpaste experiement

Elephant toothpaste



Sindy Rella - Panto 2013

This year’s Panto is available on DVD.  You can book yours by sending us an email on or contacting Mr S. Scerri or Ms B. Fenech at school.

Have a look here.

Erupting Volcano

Alessandro Parrella from 1 Coral has performed the experiment of the erupting volcano at home.

This was done by mixing baking soda and vinegar.

Click on the following link to view the video

Erupting Volcano

A letter to the Prime Minister

A letter to the Prime Minister discussing how to reduce habitat loss and why it is important to conserve the environment.

Honourable Prime Minister,

Studies show that wild-life species are disappearing faster than ever before in earth’s history, while the average global temperature is dangerously rising. The glaciers are melting, extreme weather events are becoming more common and if we do not start taking better care of the environment, we are risking an unprecedented climate change which may threaten the very existence of life as we know it today on a global scale. Although the planet’s climate is known to go through cycles and to change dramatically in the past as well, the climate change we are already witnessing is primarily a result of human activities.

Thus conserving the environment and reversing the the threatening climate change affects the entire world. The first important step in preserving habitats is to identify the different species of animals that live there. So, local residence as well as the Government can take them into account and hopefully minimise the impacts upon them. Useful information should be given to the inhabitants to educate about the animal’s existence so that they would not pollute the area and damage wildlife and habitat.

Before building a property the Government should learn about the natural habitat that may be impacted. Studies should be carried out prior to the development and modifications should be carried out in order to better protect sensitive ecosystem.

The Government should also plant native vegetation in villages around Malta since it provides habitat for native animals. Another thing the Government should do is to encourage the protection of more Greenland. Certain areas should be considered as protected areas so that they are managed well and resident animals and plant species would be safe.

Although in Malta habitat conservation has been given importance, the protection of marine habitats has not always been taken seriously. Since Malta is an island, the sea is vital to us. Perhaps the Government should include marine protected areas: marine sites such as sanctuaries to protect habitats and to restore the health of marine ecosystems.

In my opinion, if all Maltese citizens had to work together, we could help conserve our natural habitat.


Nicole Buhagiar


Marie Curie

A Power point presentation prepared by Jeremy Abela 1 Coral

Marie Curie