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Sick at Chadwick

Strolling the paths of Chadwick Lakes to enjoy nature, leaves you disappointed when you see the beautiful scenery ruined with the sight of rubbish discarded by irresponsible people.


During this season, Chadwick Lakes is in its glory. The lake is full of sweet water that has seeped through the fields of the northern area of Malta after this winter’s heavy rains. The lakes overflow from one another forming spectacular waterfalls. The water keeps on moving through a winding stream. One can also find many tadpoles in the shallow area of the stream. In the area there are many big old trees which are the homes of many birds. Thanks to the water, the area surrounding the stream is covered with greenery and wild flowers.


Unfortunately this beautiful scenery is tarnished with the sight of rubbish. There were food packets, plastic bags and carton boxes thrown in the stream. There was also an area which looked like a rubbish dumping station with a variety of junk including a computer monitor. It is very disappointing to see such a mess when we know that such materials will never decompose and disappear. They are very harmful to the ecosystems living in this habitat.

I believe that more awareness should be done about this and more enforcement against perpetrators.


Jessica Maris Cardona

1 Coral

No interruption… Just construction

Urbanisation has increased significantly environment degradation. Not only land has been cleared of all type of vegetation to make room to our houses and building facilities but also, as clearly shown by the pictures, to be our dumping site. Stones, concrete, tiles, wood, and debris all discarded in areas which would have looked more pleasing if they were all covered in green. The area would have been an adequate place for a habitat to many organisms rather than to chairs, televisions, deck chairs or mattresses.  Enforcement laws should be made harsher and CCTV cameras should be installed in these areas, as it seems that this view is rewarding to some of us.


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Nicole Buhagiar

1 Coral